Activity #3 Know, Explore, Plan & Go

Presentation:  “Know, Explore, Plan & Go!"
PDF Document:  “WI DPI ACP – Know, Explore, Plan & Go!”

Activity Goals
Identify four areas of Academic & Career Planning:  Know, Explore, Plan & Go.
Recognize key activities listed below each of the four areas (Know, Explore, Plan & Go).
Recognize there are 16 career clusters and 79 pathways.
Identify 4 Skills & 4 Steps to a Successful Career (after watching video).

Class Discussion
Ask students if they can recall the four skills and four steps to a successful career

Four Skills

  1. Academic Skills

  2. Life Skills

  3. Employability Skills

  4. Technical Skills

Four Steps

  1. Self-Awareness

  2. Career Exploration

  3. Career Planning

  4. Education Plan

Other Notes
The following video from the Wisconsin DPI website is embedded into the Google presentation:

Four Skills & Four Steps to a Successful Career
(7 minutes, 20 seconds)