Activity #1 Your ACP Journey

Presentation: “Your ACP Journey”

Activity Goals
Define “College & Career Readiness”
Define “College”
Introduce Academic & Career Planning Homeroom Activities
Explain the WHY behind Academic & Career Planning

Class Discussion
The Final Slide, “Who Influences Your ACP?” could be used as follows:
- Teacher shares personal academic & career planning path to teaching.
- Students share opinions regarding who influences their academic and career plans.

Other Notes
The following three videos from the Wisconsin DPI website are embedded into the Google presentation:

The Four-Year Plan
(1 minute, 40 seconds)

WI DPI Video- Why ACP Matters

(2 minutes, 43 seconds)

What is ACP - Own Your Voyage
Listed on the DPI website and created by the New Berlin School District
(6 minutes, 43 seconds)